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Message from Jose Carrillo, RMNRD, State Forestry

 As per the Protective Covenants:

“2.21 No Fires.  Except as otherwise may be permitted by applicable governmental authorities under a burn permit or burn license, no open fires are permitted outside the structures located on a Lot unless properly and safely contained in an appropriate fire place.”  Please exercise good judgement for the continued benefit and enjoyment of our Ticonderoga for the safety and wellbeing of all who live here.

TO REPORT A WILDLAND FIRE, PLEASE CALL (575) 588-7831 during regular business hours, OR (505) 827-8080 after hours or on weekends.  Give your name, phone number, location, and general location description of the fire. (i.e. State Road 512, mile marker 4, north side of road.) IF necessary, the local individual on call will contact you to gather more information.

READ the State Report here:

Have a wonderful summer in the area and at Ticonderoga.”

Ticonderoga owners association

Wonderous Lifestyles

The Ticonderoga Association would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our “Wondrous” way of life. We are dedicated to preserving our primary direction, such that your home and experiences here will always be enjoyable and that your peace and wilderness lifestyle remains as intended. The Board is guided in its running of the Association business by Owner/Members’ directives and three documents with which we recommend that you become familiar, namely: The Articles of Incorporation for TOA Association  The By-Laws (BL) and The Declaration of Protective Covenants (DOPC) and the Fishing Rules.

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