PayPal & Your Credit Cards
1. The Ticonderoga Board of Directors has approved the use of on-line payments with Debit/Credit cards.
2. You may split your payment and pay two payments.  The first half payment is due before January 31st + Fees & a Per Transaction Cost,  The second and final half payment is due before July 15th + Fees & a Per Transaction Cost.
3. The + Fees are 2.9% of the Assessment DUE amount & a Per Transaction Cost is $.30.
3. Penalties and Interest will be applied for any payments made after the end of January 31st &/or July 15th.
4.  Please include your Assessment Invoice # & follow these and the instructions on your Assessment.

Calculating & Making Payments with PayPal/Credit Cards are located on Our PayPal Webpage.

Board Of Directors 2018
President            Mike Brogdon
Vice-President    Carol More
Secretary             David Pace
Treasurer            Carol More
Director               Butch DeFillippo
​Director               James Garcia

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Ticonderoga Owner's Association, Inc.

Ticonderoga owners association

Unattended Recreational Vehicle Warning
Please be advised that we have received complaints concerning the parked unattended recreational vehicles on lots. 

Section 2.3 of the Declaration of Protective Covenants state that the recreational vehicle must be removed at the end of each camping period and may only be stored on the lot if there is an existing home on the lot and it is stored out of site to other lots or recreational areas.
The unattended RV needs to be removed as soon as possible.  Please lets us know as when this can be accomplished.If there are issues that need to be discussed please call me at 505-268-4361, Michael Brogdon.

HC75 Box 215 Chama NM 87520 US


SecureQtrlyCode.pdfTiconderoga Owner's Association, Inc. Documents
 Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation
     Filed SOS - October 6, 2015
​​ Amended and Restated Bylaws
     Filed RAC - September 3, 2004
Second Amended and Restated Declaration of Protective Covenants
     Filed RAC - September 29, 2016
     Updated Appendix D, May 2018 

2016-18-19 BOD Minutes

     May 2018
    BOD & Annual Meeting Minutes August 2018
​    October 2018

    May 2019
2019 Financials
     1st Qtr
     2nd Qtr

     2019 Budget
     3rd Qtr
     4th Qtr/EOY

Ticonderoga Owner's Rules for Guests, Fishing, Etc.
     Extracted from TOA Covenants, Exhibit C, as updated by the BOD, April 2016.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
James Garcia - Committee Chair

Benny Sandoval

Grant Allen

Architectural Review Committee Applications


     Fishing Locations and Rules​
     Fishing Advisory Report 

Fire & Safety

Landowner Practice Plan

     Vehicle Registration & Information

     The Immediate Family & Guests 
     Guests Dashboard Pass

Gate & Dumpster Code

    Current Gate & Dumpster Code